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Plastic Filters 3’’ with Screen Centrifugal ‘Super’ with Brush

Code Specifications 3″ (40-70 m3/h) 20 mesh 3″ (40-70 m3/h) 60 mesh 3″ (40-70 m3/h) 120 mesh

Product details

  • Technology: Brush System
  • Type: 3 ” Super
  • Screen Selection Range: 20/60/120 Mesh
  • Supply: 40-70 m3 / h
  • Maximum pressure: 8 bar

The Plastic Filter 3’’ with Screen Centrifugal Super with Brush System GeorgantiS offers a fast and efficient solution for cleaning the irrigation water in a semi-automatic way.

The only plastic filter with Screen Φ140 and includes ¾΄extra input for automatic lubrication connection and ¼’ brazen thread for manometer.

The process of cleaning the filter with the Brush system is the most effective, as the water is filtered without stopping its flow in the irrigation network and only by turning the Brush clockwise and counterclockwise, all the particles that are trapped in the screen are removed. This process is repeated without disassembling the filter.

Data Sheet

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