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Complete Systems with Metal Filter

Code Specifications Supply
31.01.25 Complete system 2.5″ Hydrocyclonic (25-35 m3/h)
31.01.30 Complete system 3″ Hydrocyclonic (30-60 m3/h)
31.01.40 Complete system 4″ Hydrocyclonic (70-80 m3/h)
31.10.25 Complete system 2.5″ With Brush (25-35 m3/h)
31.10.30 Complete system 3″ With Brush (30-60 m3/h)
31.10.40 Complete system 4″ With Brush (70-80 m3/h)
31.03.25 Complete system 2.5″ Disk (25-35 m3/h)
31.03.30 Complete system 3″ Disk (30-60 m3/h)
31.03.40 Complete system 4″ Disk (70-80 m3/h)


Product details: 

  • Technology: Hydrocyclone Screen / Disc
  • Type: Manual / Semi-automatic cleaning
  • Supply: 25-70 m3 / h
  • Construction:  Metal or Plastic
  • Mechanism: Add Brush System (upon request)
  • Maximum pressure: 10 bar

Complete Systems GeorgantiS are a complete solution for maximum efficiency in the water cleaning process. The Complete Systems consist of 3 parts: the Hydrocyclone, the Lubrication Head and the Screen or Disk filter. Maximum pressure is 10 bar.

The Hydrocyclone separates the sand from the water; leftover dirt then passes through the valve to the filter where the final cleaning is done for the watering process. At the metal filter there is the possibility of adding the Brush System for efficient and fast cleaning of the filter without stopping the flow of water in the irrigation network. The head is connected to a lubricant to distribute fertilizer to the irrigation network.

The system is cleaned manually. In the hydrocyclone, we open the valve and clean the inside. In the filter we either remove the Disk / Screen and after rinsing them well, we put them back inside. Either semi-automatically with the Brush System only for the Screen filter, by rotating it clockwise and counterclockwise.

Complete System GeorgantiS with metal filter is painted electrostatic, with polyester powder, inside and out. They are available with outgoing intake pipes, lubrication heads and manometers.

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