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Fertilizer Tanks

Code Specifications
21.01.60 60 Lit
21.02.90 90 Lit
21.03.12 120 Lit
21.04.25 220 Lit (horizontal)

GeorgantiS Fertilizer or Lubricant tanks are a simple and effective solution for distributing fertilizer to the irrigation system. The tank is connected to the main water distribution pipe on a side connection (By-pass). There is the ability to add extra valves in order to control the water flow as a mean to lower or increase the injection of the fertilizer.

GeorgantiS Fertilizer tanks are metallic, electrostatically painted, with polyester powder, inside and out.

They are cleaned manually and are very simple and easy. Open the lid of the lubricant, clean the fertilizer with water and remove the water from the plastic valve.

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