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Disk Filter

Code Specifications
01.03.20 2″ (15-25 m3/h)
01.03.30 3″ (60-65 m3/h)
01.03.40 4″ (70-85 m3/h)

Product details

  • Technology: Metal Disk Filter
  • Type: Manual cleaning
  • Disk Selection Range: 80/120/150 Mesh
  • Supply: 15-80 m3 / h
  • Maximum pressure: 10 bar

Metal Disk filters GeorgantiS offer filtration in very dirty and congested waters, removing sand, greenery and various other organic and inorganic particles during watering.

Metal Disk Filters GeorgantiS are electrostatically painted, with polyester powder, inside and out. The filters are available with male thread and upon request with a socket or flange.

They are cleaned manually, disassembling the lid, removing the Disk and after rinsing it well, reposition it internally in the filter and start the filtration process again.

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