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Gravel filter with metal by-pass system

Code Specifications Supply
02.01.30 Filter Gravel 3″  with metal by-pass (max 35-40 m3/h)
02.01.40 Filter Gravel 4″  with metal by-pass (max 60-80 m3/h)

Gravel filters GeorgantiS are the most common filters for very dirty water. They are recommended for waters in which there is a strong presence of organic and inorganic materials. With the special quartz rock and the internal filters, all the organic elements are trapped during the watering. Filters can be installed as units or in a system.

The cleaning process is performed manually with the opposite flow of water when the outlet valve is closed and allows water to enter from the bottom. By moving upwards and releasing the dirt particles which come out of the filter through the top of the drain pipe. During the cleaning phase the system continues to filter. The automatic cleaning system is only available upon request.

Gravel filters GeorgantiS are painted electrostatic with polyester powder, inside and out. Lubrication head can be optionally mounted on Gravel filters. It is also recommended to place a 3 “or 4” filter at the filter outlet, respectively.

Gravel Filter Data Sheet

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