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Code Specifications Supply
11.01.20 2″ (15-20 m3/h)
11.01.25 2.5″ (20-35 m3/h)
11.01.30 3″ (30-50 m3/h)
11.01.40 4″ (50-80 m3/h)

The Hydrocyclone GeorgantiS, alternatively known as sand separator offers effectively separate large volumes of sand from water. The leftover dirt then passes through the valve to the filter where the final cleaning for the watering process takes place. Hydrocyclones are used as Complete Systems for maximum filtration.

Hydrocyclones GeorgantiS are metallic, electrostatically painted, with polyester powder, inside and out.

The process of cleaning them is very simple and easy. Open the drain valve and clean the inner chamber.

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