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Industrial Cleaning

In addition to agricultural filtration, our company is also active in
industrial water purification“.

By the term industrial cleaning we mean the filtration of water that enters the cooling system of machines, in order to extend the life of refrigeration machines, refrigerators, machines.

Product residues in factory production machinery, over time, can seriously affect the final product, and cause a reduction or unexpected cessation of production. These pauses are costly and increase the cost of producing the product while reducing productivity. Maintaining the cleanliness of production equipment and other industrial equipment extends the life of the equipment.

Industrial water purification filters have the following PURPOSE: to eliminate a variety of large solid particles.
For example: dirt, mud, rust, sand, and other foreign particles.

Because every business has different needs, our experienced and specialized staff offers you the best solution.

GeorgantiS can provide its customers with the desired result by combining quality, fast response, reliability and flexibility.

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